Okay! Now i used these lipsticks a while back when MUA first came on the scene, and i wasnt impressed, the colours came out like lip balms than lipsticks hardly any colour not very pigmented! So since MUA became alot bigger and well known they started improving there products, LIPTICKS, been one of these products… I notice the tube is alot bigger and heard they were more pigmented! I put off buying some as i was a little let down the last time BUT i did purchase the LIPBOOM range which had the lipsticks attached and they were VERY pigmented and different to the last lipsticks i had purchased! So i went into superdrug the other day and decided it was finally time to give MR MUA another chance on there lipsticks, there wasnt a vast range as they had sold out but i managed to get 3 colours i was very happy with, Unfortunaly they do not name there colours they are simply SHADE 3, SHADE 12 AND SHADE 15!

I have to say i am amazed! They are highly pigmented, soft on the lips and long lasting… Just as good as my high end products such as MAC or BOBBI BROWN!

iv done some rough swatches so you can see what they look like! But i 100% recommend these…



Shade 12                               Shade 15                        Shade 3


This is SHADE 12, its a pale pink with glitter! Very nice for a night out, i thought the glitter might not be very noticeable but it is! Its not fine glitter so if you do not like that grainy feel on your lips then you probably wont like this lipstick, i did find however it really exfoliated my lips, i have really dry lips so was really happy with this!


This one is SHADE 3 my favorite as i love bright in your face colours! I will be using this one for nights out or if i need a pick me up, nothing cheers me up like a nice bright lippy!

This one i found was very shimmery, very bright but smooth and soft on your lips, it goes on perfectly you only need to apply one layer as its such a heavy pigmented colour!


This one is SHADE 15

Its a gorgeous peachy pink colour unlike the others this one is VERY Matte and bright!

Its a stunning colour, and would look amazing on darker skin, it really stands out!

Same as the other you would only need one coat as highly pigmented!

I honestly carnt get over how great these lippys are!! I will most definatly be purchasing some more now iv tried them out!

Please note: i did not use a brush for these i just applied straight from the tube as these lipsticks are more intended for quick application and on the go, Plus not everyone uses a brush so i think its nice to see how they go on…

Thanks guys … More to come 🙂