Nail Collection



Its been a while since my last post.. 

Havnt really done much makeup so decided i would put up a post to show my nail collection, 

as i went on a mad one today buying some new colors! 

Wont go into detail in this post as i have so many polishes!

You may notice i have alot of Models own and Barry m polishes…

Iv ALWAYS been a fan of barry m but recently theyve stepped up there game, i am addicted to there gellys! Absolutely amazing color love them,

Also the past year iv really started to love Models own, i love the different collections and colors.. I also got the clothes show limited edition one this year, LOVE, Iv also got my eye on the ICE NEON and Fruit pastel collections! How amazing do they sound the ice collection are like glow sticks, you have to keep them in the fridge to keep there vibrant glow and the fruit polishes smell like…. FRUIT! Cannot wait to get my hands on them currently available online 20 pound for the whole collection EACH! 

Anyway to get to the point heres my collection, i probably have others floating around but these are the ones i keep together 🙂 





Just so you know why im raving about the new MODELS OWN collection i will post some pics so you can see how amazeballs they really are!!







Thanks guys, 

will post up some makeup looks soon! As i have lots of new goodies too try out 🙂