Flutter Lashes & Ronnie Red Lips


Hey Guys, 

I Went into TK MAXX recently and was really pleasently suprised to find they had an amazing re stock in the beauty department. Personally i love having a mooch in TK’s because you can find really cool stuff for half the rrp… 

Whilst i was in there i picked up some really nice Eylure lashes, im not really a fan of wearing lashes (even though i own like 50 packs.. LOL) but these i really wanted to try out! 


So i had a 18th birthday party to go too last weekend, and as i was dying to try these out, a party was the best way i can showcase these stunning lashes 🙂 


  • First i cleansed my face with NO7 skin melting cleanser for normal/dry skin.
  • I then applied MUA matte perfect primer to the whole of my face
  • I dabbed on some concealer to a couple of red blotches – Not sure what the brand is 
  • Rimmel wake me up foundation is my favorite high street foundation! I applied this to the whole of my face, blending down the neckline ( My pet hate is un blended foundation!)
  • I then set the foundation with MUFE HD setting powder, Buffering it all over to ensure i dont have any white excess showing! (Very expensive but worth every penny!!!!!) 
  • I always contour, i swept the shader up my cheek bones only this time though! then highlighted the temples with topshop glow ( my new favorite product) 
  • I applied mua eye primer to my eye lids all the way up to my brow bone 
  • If noone has used MUA before! Then get down to your loal superdrug and have ago! its amazing, i used the MUA eyeshadow palette ”starry night” unfortunatly they havnt put the shade colours on the palette so i carnt tell you exactly what i used – BUT i applied a light silver as a base over the lid up too the crease, i then blended a shimmery dark blue into the crease blending upwards, and then darkening the edge of the crease with a darker graphite grey… 
  • I then lined my water line with mac pro longwear liner in black ice 
  • Then again under the water line with the lightest silver on the palette
  • Finally i cut the lashes down size, form the inside so they didnt loose there FLUTTER 
  • Applied Revlon lash glue (it dries clear, which is why i use this, i also used eylure lash glue) i let the glue set for a couple of seconds
  • Then using tweezers i carefully applied the lashes to my lash line, 
  • Then blended in with mac penulitium Liner 
  • Last but not least i applied a slick of ronnie red Lipstick to give my look colour and UMPH



Sorry if i have babbled a bit and/or not explained myself properly, havnt tried to explain how to do my make up yet… so this is a first 🙂

Next time i will do better.. Promise 😉