Hey Guys

So today iv been doing a little research on the net and came across a couple of haul vids on youtube from IMATS LA 2013.. I was intrigued as i want to go to IMATS LONDON this year! 

One item had caught my eye, i had heard of this before, as its famously known for been used by Kim Kardashian…. I Thought it would be OTT Expensive so didnt really bother looking into it! 

But she said it cost her $20 for quite a big tub! Interesting! So i had a look and its not expensive at all! But would love to know your thoughts on this item before i buy 🙂 

Im always skeptical with new products and like too hear about them before 🙂 



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5 thoughts on “Seeking Advice – BEN NYE BANANA POWDER

  1. lisa

    I love my BEN Nye Luxury powder, even if it is a little messy. I wear the Banana shade, but my daughter has pink undertones so she gets the powder in Cameo. Ben Nye has other lines of powder, so make sure you don’t get confused. You want the BEN Nye LUXURY POWDER. It comes in Banana, Cameo, and Buff Suede. I purchase mine from or

  2. supercalafashionistic

    Ive never used it myself but some of the friends love it!!
    20 is pretty good for that big tub too.
    I say buy it!
    I saw your post on the Company feed.
    Would love to follow each other on bloglovin?
    Let me know with a comment and I always follow back!
    You have a great blog and I love your style of writing!
    Love G xx

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