Okay so i have ALOT of products whether it be Brushes, varnish, makeup, lashes ect..

So i decided that i had to organize at least some of my stuff (i havnt done it all yet) 

I went down to my local ”THE RANGE” store to see what they had i didnt want just any storage or i forget about alot of my stuff… 

I managed to find some brilliant boxes ment for storage any beads or creative items you might have they had lots of different sizes with different sections, for now i got 3, 1 large box with square sections, 1 medium with vertical long sections & a 3rd smaller one with 4 horizontal length sections.

I use my big one for eyeshadows and some mascaras…


I use the middle one for eyeliners, lipliners & mascaras

Finally the 3rd one i use for lipsticks, lipgloss and any small liners i have…

I Also found some great jars the one i brought has LOVE on it which makes it look a little more interesting than any plain jar i use this one for my shadow brushes and any other tools i might have, i also make use of any packaging i might have such as cardboard tubs, i use this for all my big brushes eg, blusher, stipple or foundation brushes, i like to keep the bigger ones separate so i can see exactly what i have!

i keep all my MUA palettes together but they come organized anyway so dont have to do much with those..

All my lashes stay together in a tub, i only have a small one at the moment as need to stock up on my lashes…

Also the best thing invented is the AMAZING magnetic Z. Palette! If i have any single pans or if i have depotted anything they go in here!

Other things i have which i have not pictured are..

  • Small set of draws
  • various baskets
  • large set of draws with boxes inside
  • letter rack which i use for any face charts or mags i have lying around
  • and my dresser






  1. Thanks so much for sharing your tips for getting organised! I’ve just moved house and have a whole room to myself which I’m just waiting to get stuck into. I have makeup and props everywhere at the moment! I’m sure I’ll be inspired by some of your strategies and tips- cheers! 🙂 xD

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